Vapour & Steam Cleaning

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    What is Vapour and Steam Cleaning?

    Cleaning some components of your car using traditional methods can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and sometimes ineffective. Vapour and steam cleaning makes it easier to detail the interior parts such as carpets, hard surfaces, and upholstery. It’s also used to make exterior hand detailing much easier.

    This process uses a vapour steam cleaner. A vapour steam cleaner contains a boiler which heats water to produce hot vapour steam under pressure (more than 300°F). This steam breaks down dirt and sanitizes surfaces quickly. The steam produced contains little moisture, which means that the detailed parts take minimal time to dry.

    Why you need Vapour and Steam Cleaning?

    If you do not like the use of cleaning chemicals or other traditional methods, then vapour and steam cleaning is your best option to detail your car. This method will clean your automobile better than standard cleaning methods. Another reason why you may require vapour steam cleaning is if your interior is not so dirty for deep cleaning. In such a situation, this cleaning method is perfect for you. Although vapour steam cleaning is a powerful and fast method of detailing, it doesn’t work well with heavily soiled carpets and upholstery.

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    What is included in Vapour and Steam Cleaning?

    Vapour and steam cleaning is one of the fastest and effective ways to detail your car. It entails:

    Exterior detailing – Breaking dirt on your car’s exterior surface and wiping it off of microfiber cloths

    Interior detailing:

    • Vacuuming the interior surfaces
    • Vapour steam cleaning carpets and upholstery to remove grime and stains
    • Vapour steam cleaning hard to reach areas
    • Wiping the surfaces with microfiber towels to remove the disintegrated dirt and glim

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    What are The Benefits of Vapour and Steam Cleaning?

    • Vapour and steam cleaning utilizes water vapour with no chemicals of any kind. This leaves your car with no toxic substances
    • Its children and pet-friendly unlike other cleaning agents that contain harmful substances
    • It’s perfect for people with allergies and respiratory conditions since it has no allergens
    • It cleans hard to reach areas with minimal effort
    • The hot vapour steam kills bacteria, mould, bed bugs, mites, and other harmful organisms
    • Your car takes minimal time to dry since the steam vapour has little moisture content

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    Who Should Order Vapour and Steam Cleaning

    • Vapour steam cleaning is suitable for people with allergies and other respiratory conditions because it has no chemicals that can affect their systems.
    • If you have a tight schedule and your car is slightly dirty, vapour steam cleaning is efficient to clean it with minimal downtime.
    • If you have a mildew and bug problem in your car, this cleaning method is the solution to it. It eliminates even the unhatched bug eggs.

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