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    What is Boat Detailing?

    A boat or yacht is one of the most expensive investments. Such investments require professional care to keep them clean, protect them from damages, and keep them looking elegant and exceptional on both the inside and outside.

    Boat detailing is the maintenance, repair, cleaning, protection, and any other services carried out to keep your boat at optimal conditions. A boat is unlike a car, and its detailing requires a high level of precision and expertise on water vessels.

    At Gleamworks, our boat detailing experts are trained and experienced to care for any boat or yacht that you might have.

    Why You Need Boat Detailing?

    • Protection

    A boat requires protection against damage by water, sun, salt deposits, and other environmental and physical elements. Considering that it’s used in harsh environments, protection is the key to its durability and cleanliness. Both the exterior and interior parts of the boat, including all the fabrics, should be protected whether the boat is used daily or once in a while.

    • Operational convenience

    Detailing your boat/yacht keeps all the parts running smoothly to avoid abrupt operational inconveniences. When your boat is regularly and professionally detailed, it can’t break down in the middle of the sea when taking a ride/sail with your family or friends.

    Contact us and keep your boat and other marine vessels in excellent conditions for stress-free use.

    What is included in boat detailing?

    A boat requires pro detailing both on the exterior and interior components. Some of the steps and processes include:

    Exterior detailing

    • A powerful wash and decontamination to remove grime and other contaminants
    • Drying with an absorber
    • Cut and polish to restore boats elegant look and shine
    • Polishing chrome
    • Oxidation removal
    • Application of a heavy-duty marine wax or sealant
    • Application of a UV protectant on all external surfaces
    • Paint protection

    Interior detailing

    • Vacuuming and shampooing carpets, furniture and other surfaces
    • Steam cleaning carpet and upholstery
    • Scrubbing and cleaning all interior surfaces with a stiff brush
    • Cleaning and shampooing engine
    • Polishing metallic surfaces
    • Application of vinyl cleaner on all vinyl surfaces
    • Fabric protection
    • Leather restoration and protection
    • Mould and odour removal
    • Bug extermination

    Note that some of the processes are only included as per your needs, type of water vessel, boat’s condition, and budget. Contact us for extensive details and to book an appointment for boat detailing.

    What are the benefits of boat detailing?

    • Extends the boat’s lifespan
    • Protects the boat from physical and environmental elements ( water, UV)
    • Minimizes maintenance and damages which saves you money
    • Keeps all your parts running smoothly for comfy operations
    • Restores and maintains your boat’s shine
    • Keeps your paintwork intact
    • Creates and maintains a hygienic environment for you

    Enjoy these benefits and more by working with the best experts in boat detailing. Contact us for more details.

    Who needs to order boat detailing?

    If you own any water vessel (speed boat, fishing boat, yacht, and so on), this service will help keep it in good conditions and extend its life. Whether it’s a new or used vessel, keep it protected from all harsh elements.
    Acquiring a boat or yacht comes with a lot of maintenance and protection to keep it looking elegant and operating as required. Gleamworks Detailing offers you top of the line boat detailing services in Vancouver. Call or book an appointment to get your boat the upkeep it deserves.