Bike Detailing

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    What is bike detailing?

    Bike detailing entails the maintenance, protection, and restoration of all the parts of a bike to keep it glowing, clean, and running as required.

    Bikes keep our lives exciting, on the fast lane, and, fun. Whether you ride a dirt bike, sports bike, chopper, or a cruiser, it deserves to be at its best for optimal performance and durability.

    Gleamworks offers expert hand bike detailing in Vancouver to ensure your bike looks and runs as needed.

    Why you need bike detailing?

    • Performance

    By detailing your motorcycle, all the parts, including the engine, are kept free of dirt and other contaminants to run smoothly. During detailing, problems with any components can be easily spotted and fixed, ensuring that your bike is always ready for a fast ride.

    • Protection

    Most of the bike’s parts are exposed to the sun, water, rocks, dirt, dust, and other elements that can corrode and degrade them. By working with professional detailers, all these parts are protected from these elements. This is done by the application of ceramic coatings and other protective layers on their surfaces

    • Restoration

    If your bike’s paintwork has faded or some parts have been oxidized or damaged by water, our team removes the defects and restore your bike to its former elegance. A protective layer is applied after restoration to avert future damage.

    What is included in bike detailing?

    During bike detailing, the following are the basic steps that our experts follow for optimal results:

    • Power washing with bike-friendly detergents (using a wash mitt)
    • Engine and drivetrain hands-on cleaning
    • Detailed wheel and spokes cleaning
    • Cleaning leather with leather cleaner and applying leather conditioner
    • Removal of paint contaminants using a clay bar
    • Cleaning and polishing the dash
    • Oxidation removal
    • Cutting and polishing painted surfaces
    • Polishing chrome and metallic surfaces
    • Application of a ceramic coating
    • Rinsing the entire bike
    • Air drying with a blower
    • Application of an instant sealant

    Dirt detailing requires the use of aluminum friendly detergents and degreasing agents. This is one of the many precautions we undertake to give you pro bike detailing services. Note that some procedures, such as ceramic coating application, are only included depending on the client’s budget, bike’s condition, or preference. Book an appointment for an inspection and detailed recommendations.

    What are the benefits of bike detailing?

    • Keeps your bike performing at its best
    • Protection from damaging contaminants
    • Restores and maintains your bikes shine
    • Improves your bike’s resale value
    • Increases the durability of your bike
    • Keeps your bike dust and grime proof
    • Makes it easier to spot defects and problems before they affect your bike

    Gleamworks hand detailing procedures offers your bike these and more benefits. Schedule your appointment to experience our exceptional work.

    Who should order bike detailing?

    Bike detailing services are for anyone who owns any type of bike and wants to restore damaged parts, keep the bike performing at optimal, or protect it from physical and environmental contaminants.
    Bike detailing requires a certain level of skill set and experience that we offer at Gleamworks. To keep your bike durable and performing at its best, get the best bike detailing services in Vancouver.