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If you have been paying attention to Vancouver car detailing trends over the past years, you will likely know what ceramic coatings are and the benefits they can bring to your vehicle. In the car cleaning industry, “ceramic” has been all the rage, with new formulations coming out regularly. Lately, however, a new product has been sharing the limelight and is turning out to be more preferred by car owners and professional details alike. Meet graphene coating. For those looking for information about what graphene coating is all about, you’ve come to the right page.

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    What is Graphene Coating?

    Graphene is a sheet of carbon atoms that looks much like a honeycomb and is atom-thick. It is often described to be lighter than aluminum but much tougher than steel. It is also more elastic and flexible than rubber but is harder than a diamond. In short, graphene is an ultra-tough and strong material, arguably the toughest to-date. It is also extremely heat resistant.

    These properties are what make graphene a viable ingredient to create protective materials. Metals, plastics, and other products are found to become much lighter and stronger when certain amounts of graphene are added to their composition. Because graphene is carbon-based, it quickly disperses in water, organic solvents and polymer matrices. It is the polymer matrix that is used to coat vehicles.

    Benefits of Graphene

    There are many benefits to using graphene coating for your car. For one, it offers a hardness level of 10H, the highest level on the scale that is equivalent to diamonds. It is also incredibly repellent to contaminants and water. In a nutshell, by coating your car’s body with graphene, you protect it from exposure to just about any natural and synthetic element while maintaining its aesthetic for longer. Some of graphene’s benefits include:

    • Versatile application: can be used on headlights, glass, trims, chrome parts, wheels, etc.
    • High resistance against stains caused by droppings, saps, and bugs
    • Incredibly hydrophobic abilities; repels contaminants and water
    • Enhanced colour, brilliance, slickness, and shine (wet and glossy look)
    • Higher durability

    Graphene Coating vs Ceramic Coating

    While ceramic coating has been a popular choice for protecting a car’s body, more car owners and detailing specialists prefer graphene coating for its higher quality and durability.

    Ceramic Coating

    • Retains heat; so water that stays on the surface can turn into a mineral-loaded watermark
    • Prone to water spots
    • High likelihood of dust buildup

    Graphene Coating

    • Has a high water contact angle because of its honeycomb structure; water and moisture slide off easier
    • Lower dust buildup; anti-static properties help to repel dust, dirt and other micro particles.
    • Chemical resistance (under PH12)
    • Protects against winter road salts

    We are Experts in Graphene Coating Application

    GleamWorks offers professional, fast, and reliable graphene coating services for vehicle owners in the Greater Vancouver area. Our detailing specialists are highly skilled in handling various types of materials and cars and are regularly updated on the industry’s latest technology and scientific developments. We can provide guidance on the best coating applications necessary for your vehicle. Our team will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you are pleased with the results and will retain that satisfaction for many years.

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