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    What is Decal & Wrap Removal?

    A decal or wrap is a vinyl-based material which is attached directly onto your car’s paint to partially or completely cover its external surface.  This is done to give your vehicle a new look with the possibility of removing the wrap to return your car’s original look.

    Decal and Wrap removal entails the removal of the vinyl material to restore your vehicle’s look.

    At Gleamworks, we offer you the best Decal & Wrap removal services without damaging your cars external surface. Our team is experienced and well trained to deal with any paint job and wrap/decal adhesives.

    Why you need Decal and Wrap Removal?

    • To change wrap or restore cars paint/look
      Car decals or wraps have a lifespan of between two to ten years depending on maintenance, quality of the vinyl, and other factors. Once it gets old, it dulls up and starts falling off your car while leaving the adhesive behind. This can be very hard to remove and may end damaging your car’s paint if done wrong.
      At Gleamworks, we offer you the safest way to remove damaged wrap/decal to restore your car’s paint or change the wrap.
    • Resell your car
      If you’re looking to sell your car and it has a car wrap or other decals, we recommend that you remove them to restore or increase your car’s resale value. By contacting Gleamworks, you ensure that your car’s classy look gets restored without any paint damage or vinyl adhesive traces.
    • Poor quality vinyl or installation
      If the wrap or decal installed on your car is of low quality or was poorly installed, it’s in your best interest to take action and get it removed before it damages your paintwork.
      If planning to install new car wraps or decals after removal, choose high-quality vinyl because it’s easier to remove without causing any damage.

    What’s included in Decal and Wrap Removal?

    The basic steps included in decal and wrap removal are:

    • Cleaning your car’s exterior surface
    • Heating the vinyl to a specific temperature to loosen the adhesive
    • Carefully removing the vinyl at a 45° angle to ensure that the adhesive isn’t left on your car’s surface
    • Removing any residual adhesive
    • Removal of any shadow left by decal or wrap
    • Cleaning and polishing your car’s paintwork to give it a gleaming finish

    Note that depending on your vehicle and vinyl type, we can use other methods and power tools (Vinyl zapper) to remove the wrap. Contact us to learn more about wrap and decal removal.

    What are the benefits of Decal and Wrap Removal?

    • Restore your car’s paintwork
    • Avoids damage to your car’s paintwork in cases where inferior quality vinyl was used
    • Increases your car’s resale value
    • Restores your car’s glow
    • Careful removal ensures easy installation of another wrap or decal

    Who Should Order Decal and Wrap Removal?

    • Companies looking to remove decals and wraps from their cars to install new ones or restore car’s paintwork
    • Individuals who are looking to get rid of any decal or wrap from their vehicle. This can be vinyl wraps for paint protection or graphics.

    Gleamworks Detailing offers the best car services in Vancouver. Our expert team uses safe and advanced techniques to remove your car wrap or other decals.

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