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What is Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

Crystal Serum Ultra is the ultimate paint protection solution that offers unrivalled levels of performance, durability and shine. The coating provides a thick barrier which protects your car’s painted surfaces from damage caused by abrasion, chemicals and UV rays. The 10h ceramic coat forms an ultra-hard shell on top of the paintwork, which makes it highly resistant to scratches and swirls, providing an incredibly glossy finish.


Crystal Serum Ultra is the only 10h ceramic coating system in the world with a nine-year guarantee when applied by Accredited Detailers. This guarantees your car will be protected against damage for up to nine years without having to reapply the product.


Crystal Serum Ultra Outshines The Others


Crystal Serum Ultra is a superior paint protection solution that provides an incredibly glossy finish while also prolonging the life of your car’s paintworks. It features revolutionary new 7nm nanoparticles and increases the crosslinkers’ ratio, strengthening the coating’s top layer for improved swirl resistance. The 10h top layer and 7h base layer protect against abrasions and scratches, providing long-lasting protection even in extreme weather conditions. The coating also features advanced hydrophobic properties to repel dirt and water while making cleaning and maintaining the car’s finish easier, meaning you can keep your car looking its best with minimal effort. With Crystal Serum Ultra, your vehicle will look glossy, new, and protected for years.

The Perfect Choice In Ceramic Coatings

Crystal Serum Ultra is the perfect choice for car owners looking to keep their vehicle in top condition. Its superior performance and advanced protection make it an ideal long-term solution for maintaining your car’s exterior finish.

By choosing Crystal Serum Ultra, you are investing in a long-lasting solution that provides unbeatable protection and shine for your vehicle. Give your car the best protection it deserves with Crystal Serum Ultra!

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Crystal Serum Ultra Pricing

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Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
  • Made in UK. Super slick ultra gloss finish achieved through the multiple step 2-day process:
  • Car wash – removes road grime
  • Chemical decontamination – removes brake dust, tar, waxes, sealants, oxidation etc.
  • Paint polishing – removes light scratches and swirls
  • All paintwork, chrome,  plastic, metal covered with Crystal Serum Ultra
  • 1 layers of Gtechniq EXOv4 applies on the top for extra hydrophobic properties


Additional options:


  • Wheels coating – $400
  • Glass coating – $199
  • Interior protection – $299

*** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

* Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

Ceramic Coating Process

Chemical decontamination

Step 1

Chemical Decontamination

Gleamworks uses clay towel to dissolve and remove ferrous oxides, tar and wax from your vehicle's painted surfaces and wheels. Residual spots are cleaned with professional cleaning solution. A final, wash is completed with technologically superior wash system that leaves no soapy residue and is better for the environment because there is no waste water to discard. The result: a pristine, gloss finish.

Gleamworks prepare car for ceramic coating

Step 2

1-2 Cuts of Compounding

Compounding is the process of using a cutting compound/paste to remove fine scratches in micro-thin layers of paint or clear coat. Compounding “cuts” out surfaces scratches, extensive hazing, and swirl marks. Each cut removes from 5 to 10 microns of clear coat. At least 2 microns of clear coat is left intact to protect against harmful chemicals and UV rays.

Black car with applied compound

Step 3


Polishing is the final stage of paint restoration. Polishing removes small surface imperfections and results in a highly reflective, glossy surface. Once polishing is complete, the surface is hand cleaned again with soft cloths and alcohol to remove microscopic particles and dust. The vehicle is now ready for the final step: ceramic coating installation.

Step 4

Ceramic Coating Installation

Crystal Serum Ultra is a durable, ceramic clear coat that provides superior scratch resistance and protects your vehicle against chemical etching and other environmental deterioration. Crystal Serum Ultra is a cross-linked pre-polymer, that results in a hard, shell-like, transparent finish. Crystal Serum Ultra has been shown to provide superior resistance to chemicals, scratches and surface marring when compared to any other automotive coating on the market. Your vehicle gets long-lasting factory paint protection that extends paint life and looks great! Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating also used to protect metal and hard plastics.


How much does car coating cost?

See our pricing table above. The cost of an application is determined by the size of your vehicle, whether additional preparation, decontamination or cut-polishing is required, and which ceramic coating product is being applied. Because the condition of every vehicle is different, you must book an inspection appointment before we can make a recommendation and provide a firm estimate. The price tables above serve as a close approximation of costs.

What does the hardness rating 10H mean?

“10H” hardness is the highest hardness rating in what is known as the “Pencil Hardness Test” (also known as the “Wolff-Wilborn test”). Clear coat and paint manufacturers test a coating’s scratch resistance by attempting to scratch the coating using increasing degrees of graphite pencil hardness. There are 20 degrees of graphite hardness starting at 9B (the softest), with HB in the middle of the hardness scale, and 9H (the hardest) at the end of the scale.

How many layers of ceramic coating are applied?

1 layers of Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating is enough to provide optimal results. Once an optimal result is achieved, additional layers provide no further benefit. Adding many layers of coating is often used as a marketing gimmick, because some consumers assume that more of a good thing must be better. The vehicle owner doesn’t realize they are paying for coating layers that they don’t really need.

How long does ceramic coating take to apply?

Crystal Serum Ultra take 2-3 days to complete.

How do I maintain the ceramic coating? Will I need to wax my vehicle?

You will not need to wax your car after an application. All that is required is car washing (hand washing is recommended) and a recommended once-yearly decontamination.

Is ceramic coating appropriate for any make and model of vehicle?

Ceramic coating is appropriate for any vehicle regardless of the make or model. Although we provide ceramic coating services for a broad range of vehicle types, such as compacts, mid-size family cars, vans and SUVs, we specialize in providing premier coating services to owners of luxury and exotic vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Bentley and more.

Where is your ceramic coating shop? What cities do you serve?

Gleamworks is located in Vancouver, BC, but many of our customers travel from all over the Lower Mainland to receive our ceramic coating services. Most of our customers come from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey, but some travel from far-away for our signature coating and detailing services.

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