Ozone Treatment / Odour Removal

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    What is Ozone Treatment?

    Getting rid of that stinky smell in your car may seem impossible if you keep trying the usual methods. This is because some odour emanates from areas that are hard to reach using standard odour removal methods.

    Ozone treatment is an advanced method of odour removal that eliminates any smells from your car no matter the source. It does this by killing the bacteria and mould causing the stench.

    Ozone can be defined as oxygen with three oxygen atoms. The extra atom makes Ozone gas highly reactive with organic materials (carbon-based material). For this reason, plants, animals, and humans should stay away from Ozone generators when they’re running to avoid discomfort and organ damage. The good thing is, the Ozone produced by the Ozone generators disintegrates into regular breathable oxygen after a few hours. Therefore, your car will be safe to use after the treatment.

    Ozone treatment requires a certain level of expertise for optimal results. Contact us to schedule an appointment for the best odour removal services in Vancouver.

    Why you need Ozone treatment?

    The reason why you should get ozone treatment is that it delivers without failure. It eliminates odours from any source, leaving your car fresh for good, unlike other procedures.

    After the Ozone treatment, all the Ozone remaining in your car dissipates, leaving no harmful substances. This is unlike other methods that leave traces of toxic substances in your vehicle.

    In high concentration, Ozone can eliminate mould and mildew. These are the two leading causes of odour in your car.

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    What is included in Ozone Treatment?

    During Ozone treatment, our experts:

    • Clean your car’s interior thoroughly – although ozone treatment is powerful enough to eliminate odour, it works best if your interior is detailed
    • Remove anything that can be damaged by Ozone, including electronics and books – Ozone has adverse effects on metals and other surfaces.
    • Connect an ozone generator to your car via a hose.
    • Seal any openings to keep Ozone contained in your car
    • Turn on the generator and let it run for a few hours depending on the size and condition of your vehicle
    • Turn off the generator and let the Ozone completely dissipate to regular oxygen for about two hours

    What are the benefits of Ozone Treatment?

    • Increases your car’s resale value – bad odour can lower your car’s value
    • Leaves no harmful traces in your vehicle – Ozone dissipates to regular oxygen after a while
    • It ensures the total elimination of odour in your car
    • Destroys microbes that cause odour including mould and mildew
    • Reaches hard to clean places and removes stench and mould
    • Safe for people with allergies as it leaves no allergens in your car

    Who Should Order Ozone Treatment?

    Ozone treatment is suitable for eliminating odour caused by cigarettes, pets, mould, food, gasoline, pet urine, milk, and so much more. In short, if your car has any bad smell, schedule an Ozone treatment.

    Odour in our cars leads to uncomfortable trips and embarrassments. Avoid this by completely eradicating the smell and its source. At Gleamworks, we offer you the best and safest way to do this; Ozone treatment. Contact us for more information.