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Let’s face it; it’s a fact that all new cars face paint problems if they’re not offered paint protection early enough. The factory paintwork plus clear coat applied to new vehicles is not as good as every car owner would expect. Currently, Tesla is facing the most scrutiny due to “soft paintwork.” This may be because it’s on the frontline of advanced technology in cars and everybody expects it to be perfect, or it actually has a “soft paint” problem. Either way, paint protection is the best way to safeguard your Tesla investment.
Our Vancouver detailing shop offers Tesla paint protection services to ensure that your paintwork retains its glow and it’s well protected from any elements.

    Why You Need Ceramic Coating on Your Tesla?

    Tesla’s Factory paintwork and clear coat come as a disappointment to new owners. Within the first few months, the paintwork loses depth, fades, and gets swirl marks.  As per Tesla’s advanced technological features, a problem with the paintwork is not expected by most. The good news is, all this can all be prevented or reversed by the application of a ceramic coating.

    A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that protects your factory paintwork by chemically bonding with it. By bonding with the paintwork, it creates a shield against environmental elements that would otherwise stain your car’s surface.

    It can be installed on a new car to avert paint problems or a used car to restore depth, shine and protect the paintwork. The application is usually on the entire exterior surface for maximum protection.

    When working with cars where swirl marks, scratches, or other damages have already occurred, we polish your paintwork or perform paint correction to ensure that we restore or even surpass the previous looks.

    We utilize the newest and most advanced Nano-ceramic coating in the market for optimal results.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating?

    When a ceramic coating is applied, it creates a permanent bond with your Tesla’s paintwork. This has a wide range of benefits which include:

    • Minimizes maintenance – Without a ceramic coating, you are required to apply wax, which offers lower protection, every few months to maintain your paintwork. With a ceramic coating, the regular maintenance is not necessary as it forms a permanent shield.
    • Saves you lots of money by averting paint problems and minimizing maintenance
    • It’s super-hydrophobic – This means that it repels water. It’s one of the most substantial benefits associated with ceramic coatings. This feature makes it hard for dirt and grime to stick on your car’s surface and makes your cleaning sessions easier.
    • Enhances and maintains the paint’s depth and shine. If your car was already dull due to UV oxidation, polishing exposes the underlying pristine layer which is polished to restore your paints gloss finish. The ceramic coating is then applied for protection.
    • It creates a protective barrier against damage by elements including UV oxidation, bird’s droppings, acid rain, hard water deposits, chemical contaminants, and other damaging substances.
    • Interior ceramic coating on your leather, carpet, vinyl, and all other interior surfaces increases the look and durability of these components.

    How Much Does A Tesla Ceramic Coating Cost?

    CARPRO CQuartz Professional from $1399
    Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra from $1399
    Revivify Self Healing Ceramic Coating from $1299
    Revivify Graphene Coating from $1399
    Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light from $899
    Interior Leather Coating from $299
    Windows Coating from $299
    Wheels Coating from $399


    • Coating your windows enhances water beading and improves visibility when driving
    • Coating the tires enhances and maintains their black look
    • Clear coating your wheels keeps contaminants away, for the brakes to work at ideal conditions.

    Get your Tesla the protection it deserves with our advanced Nano-ceramic coating. Don’t wait up for the paintwork to get damaged as it may end up costing you more to correct it.

    Why You Need PPF on Your Tesla?

    As noted in our detailed review on Tesla Paint Problems, the “soft paintwork” requires protection to maintain the gloss finish of the car and to prevent damages from environmental and physical elements.

    One of the best ways to protect Tesla’s paintwork, and other exterior parts, is by using a paint protection film (PPF).

    A Paint Protection Film, such as Clear Bra, is a polyurethane-based film that can be installed on the most vulnerable parts of your car or the entire exterior surface. It is the best form of protection available against physical and environmental elements including rock chips, UV oxidation, dust, chemical contaminants, bird droppings, hard water salts, acidic rain and many other harsh elements.

    The fun thing about paint protection film is that it can be installed in three different ways:

    • On the entire exterior of your car which offers maximum protection
    • On only the susceptible parts of your car including the front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights and mirrors while the remaining parts are given a ceramic coating
    • On the entire Tesla’s exterior with a ceramic coating on top of it – this combines their benefits

    What Are The Benefits Of Paint Protection Film?

    A Paint Protection Film, if applied professionally, has massive advantages on your car. These include:

    • It creates a strong shield against damage by physical and environmental elements, including rock chips, UV oxidation, acidic contaminants, salt deposits, and other nature’s harsh elements.
    • PPF has self-healing properties which means that small scratches can heal on their own to retain your car’s luxurious look. The film’s elastomeric polymers facilitate the self-healing process.
    • It retains your car’s glow and keeps the original paintwork in pristine conditions. The

    PPF can be removed to display the paintwork if the need arises.

    • Maintains your car resale value by protecting the paintwork
    • It can last for years on your car without causing damage to your paintwork
    • Saves you money as the cases of damage and repairs are minimized
    • It gives your vehicle a gloss finish
    • Reduces maintenance such as the application of wax

    How Much Does Tesla Paint Protection Film Cost?


    We have created the following packages based on our experience and specifically for the Tesla owners allowing customers full freedom to choose. If you feel more comfortable to decide by yourself and know your car better then Flexible is the option. If you are not sure and need professionally built protection package then pick Pro package. Choose Full car wrap for ultimate protection for worry free driving. 

    1099 Flexible package
    Least expensive protection allowing full customization. Whole hood, front bumper and headlights already included; customer choose what additional panels to be added.  


    $1649 Full front.
    This package protects front part of vehicle from rock chips. Includes: Front bumper, Hood, fenders, headlights, foglights  


    $1999 Full front Plus.
    This is the most popular and recommended package allows maximum protection without wrapping whole car. With this package you get wrapped: front bumper, whole hood, whole fenders, headlights, mirrors, splash panels, rear bumper baggage rest area, rocker panels


    $4799 Full car wrap for worry free driving.
    Let your Tesla reap the benefits of our superior paint protection film. It’s the perfect choice to protect the vulnerable parts, or the whole exterior surface, of your Tesla.  


    Book an appointment or give us a call at 604-789-0762 to learn more about how PPF can help you protect your new Tesla.


    We use XPEL, STEK, Kavaca

    Why You Need Vinyl Wrap on Your Tesla?

    Tesla’s “soft paint” can get damaged pretty quickly if not offered paint protection early enough. If the paintwork is damaged to a point where you require a paint job, a vinyl wrap can be applied instead.

    A vinyl wrap is more like a Paint Protection Film in that it can be installed partially or to the entire exterior surface. Here’s the fun part, unlike PPF, it comes in a variety of colours and designs which allow the customization of the exterior look.

    Even if your Tesla’s paintwork is in pristine condition, a vinyl wrap can still be applied to give your car a completely new look. It can also be applied to some parts of your car’s interior, including the dashboard, to meet the desired outcome.

    A vinyl wrap is not only about the new looks. If a high-quality vinyl is applied, it offers your paintwork some protection against damage by some elements.

    What Are the Benefits of a Vinyl Wrap?

    • Minimal downtime – If your car requires a paint job, the whole process takes weeks for the paint to be applied and cure. A vinyl wrap, on the other hand, can be installed within a few hours and you’re good to use your car.
    • Less costly – Compared to getting a paint job, vinyl wraps are cheaper but short term solutions to paint problems.
    • Customizable – This is probably the best thing about vinyl wraps. They completely change the look of your car, and you can change them regularly as per your preference.
    • They protect and maintain your car’s factory paintwork. By doing so, they retain the value of your car.
    • A wrap can be removed anytime to expose your original paintwork. If you’re looking to sell your car or go back to the original paintwork, visit us and we can remove the vinyl wrap for you.

    How Much Does Tesla Vinyl Wrap Packages Cost?

    Tesla Application Price
    Whole Body $3899                                 
    Chrome Delete $749
    Dash Console $149
    Center Console $149

    If your paintwork is damaged and you don’t want to give up your ride for weeks, or you want to enjoy the versatility of a vinyl wrap, book an appointment with our Vancouver auto

    detailing experts to get a high-quality and advanced wrap.