RV & Motor Home Detailing

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    What is RV and Motorhome Detailing?

    Your RV or Motorhome is your home when traveling to undertake outdoor adventures such as camping or just touring the country. It is an expensive and valuable investment which needs to be maintained to offer you services for many years. RV & Motorhome detailing involves taking the necessary steps such as thorough cleaning to maintain the elegant comfy looks both on the inside and outside.

    Detailing an RV/Motorhome requires a high level of skills and precision to ensure that the work is done right. At Gleamworks, we provide unique detailing services for your RV in Vancouver to ensure that the luxurious and classy look is restored, retained, and improved.

    Why you need RV & Motorhome Detailing?

    An RV/Motorhome requires detailing to prevent paint and external surface damage from environmental and physical elements. This is usually done through wax or clear coat application. This also retains the glow on your paint.

    The interior of your RV has furniture, carpet, bathroom, kitchen, and many other items or sections depending on your RV/Motorhome. If left without undergoing precise and detailed maintenance, they can get damaged or accumulate dirt (grease, food, hair, and so on) and lead to an unhealthy living environment.

    If you fail to detail your RV/Motorhome, it will end up deteriorating on both the exterior and interior, leading to a significant drop in its resale value. This is why Gleamworks offers you professional detailing services to maintain your RV

    What’s included in RV & Motorhome Detailing?

    RV and Motorhome detailing is an extensive service that involves several steps. Detailing can be done on the interior, exterior, or the entire RV depending on your needs and budget. Total detailing is always recommended to ensure that every part of your RV remains in optimal conditions.

    The detailing process involves:


    • Cleaning the entire exterior RV surface including the roof
    • A power rinse
    • Drying the exterior surface with microfiber towels
    • Oxidation removal
    • Wheel detailing and dressing
    • Commercial grade wax application
    • Clearcoat application
    • Application of a roof sealant
    • Polishing to restore glow and smooth finish


    • Vacuuming the interior
    • Vapor steam cleaning
    • Cleaning, drying, and disinfecting cabinets, closets, and any surfaces (roof, floor, and ceiling)
    • Deep cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen
    • Shampooing carpet and upholstery
    • Detailing drivers cabin

    Note that most of the internal and external detailing services are optional depending on your preference and budget. Give us a call today for more details.

    What are the benefits of RV & Motorhome Detailing?

    • Restores your RVs shine
    • Maintains the resale value
    • Protects your paintwork against elements (UV Oxidation)
    • Prevents odor buildup in your RV
    • Maintains a hygienic internal environment for comfy trips
    • Extends the durability of the entire and individual components of your RV

    Who Should Order RV & Motorhome Detailing?

    If you use your RV or Motorhome regularly, you need regular detailing to ensure the external and internal surfaces are protected from environmental elements. The interior of your RV also requires proper detailing to prevent a buildup of odor and to maintain a hygienic environment. For the seasonal travelers, your RV should be detailed before trips (at least on the external surface for protection) and after trips (complete detailing). For companies that utilize RVs and Motorhomes for travel, they should detail them regularly to maintain an excellent and elegant look on the inside and outside

    Gleamworks Detailing Vancouver has a well trained and experienced RV and Motorhome detailing team. Keep the trips comfy and exiting and your RV in pristine condition by booking an appointment with us.