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    What is Interior Detailing?

    Whether we use our cars once in a while or daily, the interior is bound to get dirty no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Beverages spill, food falls, pets pee, and shoes bring a substantial amount of dust inside our vehicles. Eventually, the inside of your car accumulates dirt on the carpet, upholstery, and other surfaces. This dirt needs to be removed to restore your car’s elegant look.

    The process of cleaning the interior components of your car to remove grime and smudges is called interior detailing. It’s comprised of several techniques and cleaning methods that work to restore and maintain the interior looks of your car.

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    Why you need interior detailing?

    • Prevent mould and stench

    Mould and odour originate from moist and dirty conditions in your car. Even if you dust your carpets and wipe your interior, crevices and other parts of your vehicle can still be filled with dirt which builds up stench in your car. Deep cleaning and detailing is required to remove dirt and prevent mould and bad odour.

    • Increase your car’s worth

    Detailing restores faded parts of your interior which increase its appeal during a resale. No one will buy your car at a reasonable price if they spot dirt or faded upholstery. Get your vehicle detailed and sell it at its worth.

    • Prevent damage of interior components

    During interior detailing, any part of your car that may get damaged gets a protective coating or treatment. By doing so, its integrity is maintained, and durability extended.

    What is included in interior detailing?

    Interior detailing is a multistep procedure that includes:

    • Vacuuming all the interior components of your car
    • Boot vacuuming
    • Cleaning and disinfecting all interior surfaces including door panels and dashboard
    • Carpet shampooing and steam cleaning
    • Upholstery shampooing and steam cleaning
    • Glass cleaning and treating
    • Vapour steam cleaning
    • Leather cleaning and treatment
    • Application of a UV protection on your car’s plastic and vinyl parts

    Note that the cleaning methods applied during your interior detailing may vary depending on your specific needs, type of car, car’s condition, and budget. Contact us for more details and to book a detailing appointment.

    What are the benefits of interior detailing?

    • Creates a healthy and comfy environment for you
    • Increases your car’s resale value
    • Restores the car’s interior glow and elegance
    • Extends the durability of individual components and your vehicle
    • Saves you money in the long run – detailing minimizes damage and repair
    • Prevents mould and odour buildup
    • Restores and maintains any damaged parts

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    Who Should Order interior detailing?

    If you have a new car and you’re looking to protect the interior components from damage, our experts will deliver this service. If your car is starting to lose its interior glamour, you should have it detailed to restore its gorgeous looks. Give your car an exceptional interior hand detailing from the top experts in Vancouver. Book your appointment and benefit from our signature detailing techniques.