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    What is Exterior Detailing?

    Every breathtaking ride you take in your car exposes its paintwork and other exterior surfaces to physical and environmental damage. Hard water, acid rain, bird droppings, rock gravels, UV oxidation, and other elements that can get on your car’s surface may cause its glamorous shine to fade. With good detailing, however, the damage on your vehicle can be averted.

    Exterior detailing, at Gleamworks Detailing, is nothing like a regular carwash. It involves hands-on removal of all the contaminants collected on your car’s bodywork, polishing it, and applying a protective layer to maintain its shine and prevent damage.

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    Why you Need Exterior Detailing

    • Prevent or Reverse damage on your paintwork

    When dirt, hard water salts, and gravel collects on your car’s clear coat, it starts to degrade it and may end up exposing the paintwork. If this happens, your paintwork loses its shine and dulls up. To prevent or reverse this damage, your car requires professional exterior detailing.

    • Maintain or increase your resale value

    Exterior detailing of your car removes all the damage increasing its appeal to buyers. Regular detailing ensures that your car retains its value because all the parts remain at optimal conditions.

    Contact us and get our signature hand detailing services to restore and maintain your car’s stylish look.

    What is included in Exterior Detailing?

    During exterior hand detailing, the following processes are normally undertaken on your car:

    • Thorough cleaning of all the external surface and components with professional-grade detergent
    • Drying the surfaces with microfiber towels
    • Removal of all contaminants (gravel, dirt dust, and so on) on your car’s exterior surface using a clay bar
    • Polishing the paintwork, chrome trim, and metallic surfaces to restore your car’s shine
    • Alcohol wipe down to remove oils from the procedure
    • Installation of a ceramic coating to enhance paint protection and shine
    • Application of a protective sealant or wax (optional)

    Note that the processes may differ depending on your car’s condition and the detailing package that you prefer. Contact us to get your car’s exterior surface examined by our experts and receive recommendations on detailing.

    What are the benefits of exterior Detailing?

    • Removes harmful contaminants from your car’s exterior surface
    • Provides a layer of protection to prevent physical and environmental damage of your car’s paintwork
    • Restores and maintains shine and depth on your car’s paintwork
    • Increases the resale value of your vehicle
    • Improves your car’s durability
    • Saves you money by reducing maintenance and damages

    Benefit from this and more by getting the best exterior hand detailing services in Vancouver.

    Who Should Order Exterior Detailing?

    If your car’s paint is damaged, faded, or has accumulated contaminants, you should order this service to restore and surpass its previous looks. New car owners should give their car an exterior detailing to maintain its pristine condition. Don’t wait for the paint to start fading or get damaged. We use hands for precise exterior detailing. This way, we can precisely clean, restore, and maintain all the components of your car. Book an appointment to experience the best-detailing work in automobiles.