CarPro Tar X Tar Remover


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Advanced Tar and adhesive remover

Strongest solution melts contaminants down for easy wipe off

Additional sizes available: 500mL, 1L, 4L


CarPro Tar X delivers professional grade tar and adhesive remover, as well as one of the strongest degreaser and bug remover available to the public.  Capable of removing some of the most stubborn substances known to man, CarPro Tar X can remove pitch, tar, glue, bugs, and even asphalt.  Whether it comes from Mother Nature or from your local road construction site, CarPro Tar X will remove  those sticky blemishes quickly, easily, and safely.  Derived from solvents and chemicals extracted straight from nature, tar and adhesives simply don’t stand a chance.  Unlike other tar, bug, and adhesive removing products on the market, CarPro Tar X uses the strength of orange peels and other organically extracted chemicals to provide safe results for you and your car, all while delivering outstanding outcomes for your vehicle.


Watch tar, asphalt, adhesive, tire marks, bugs, and pitch melt away with a quick spray of CarPro Tar X.  The sweet orange smell and lightning fast results will leave your car looking its best.  Dealing with a particularly stubborn sticky mess?  Spray CarPro Tar X on a high-density microfiber cloth and rub in a circular motion until you see nothing but that beautiful paintjob underneath.  Environmentally responsible, safe, and highly effective – CarPro Tar X will remove tar, adhesive, bugs, and asphalt fast.