CarPro PERL Plastic Leather and Rubber Protectant


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Use for Plastic, Engine, Rubber, Leather

Concentrated formula

Additional sizes available: 500mL, 1L, 4L


UV rays can cause catastrophic damage to your car’s interior.  Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat is the quick, easy, and reliable way to maintain the supple feel and saturated look of the leather, plastic, or rubber in your car.


Overtime, UV rays can cause major damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  Sunlight and UV rays can cause leather, rubber, and plastic to fade over time – causing your car to lose its luster and prematurely age your vehicle.  Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat delivers superior UV ray protection for your vehicle’s interior, restoring the material to their original glory while creating a barrier to reflect and repel the harmful rays from the sun.


UV degeneration goes beyond simply fading the plastic, leather, and rubber in your vehicle.  As time goes by, unprotected materials within your car will become dry and brittle, leading to unsightly cracks and breaks.  Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat moisturizes, restores, and protects your car’s interior – resulting in smooth, soft, and supple surfaces that look and feel great.  Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat is designed for both soft materials such as seats and flooring, as well as hard materials such as dashboards and paneling.  Hydrophobic technology provides additional protection for these surfaces, causing water and other liquids to simply roll off.


Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat comes in a super concentrated formula that can be diluted to meet your needs.  Versatile and effective, Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat will quickly revive dull and faded leather, plastic, rubber, acrylic, vinyl, or any other surface desperate for restoration, while offering maximum protection against future staining or UV damage.  Perl Plastic Leather and Rubber Coat will literally bring your interior back to life.