CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coating


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Unique Fabric Coating

For fabric convertible tops, interior textiles, carpets, and fabrics

Additional sizes available: 100mL, 500mL


Treat your car to the most innovative fabric protection on the market with CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating.  By creating a formidable super-hydrophobic barrier designed to repel water, liquids, and stains, CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating delivers the most effective protection for your car’s upholstery, carpets, floor mats, fabric seats, convertible tops, and other interior and exterior textiles.


Resistant to bacteria and damaging UV rays, CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating is strong enough to withstand more than just common stains and water damage.  CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating is resistant to mechanical wear and caustic chemicals, as well as high intensity detergents and soaps.  Yet, CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating is formulated to maintain the original feel and look of your vehicle’s interior and exterior fabrics and textiles.


Strong enough to resist an acid attack or UV damage and fading, yet gentle enough to forget it is even there, CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating is quick and easy to apply and is guaranteed to last 12 months before you ever need to consider reapplying.  Reduce the amount of cleaning time you spend on your car’s interior and exterior fabrics, while maintaining its original color, luster, and feel.  CarPro CQuarts Fabric Coating provides protection, comfort, and results.