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    What is Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) ?

    Paint Protection Film is a thin, clear film that you can apply to your car's painted surfaces. It acts as a barrier between the paint and potential sources of damage like scratches, scuffs, or fading due to sunlight exposure. The top coat of the film also has self-healing properties that allow it to fix light marks and scratches caused by washing or drying your car.

    Benefits of Paint Protection Film

    Paint protection film is a clear urethane material that adheres to the exterior of a vehicle. Many Dodge car owners choose to install PPF to keep their vehicle's paint looking new by protecting it from cosmetic damage, such as scratches and swirl marks. The film can also be removed without damaging the paint beneath, making it an ideal solution for leased vehicles. In addition, PPF is much less expensive than repainting a car if it becomes damaged.

    Pricing for Dodge

    In the car graphics below, the areas in red indicate coverage area, not colour. Paint protection film comes is transparent and can have either a gloss or matte finish.

    Paint Protection Film Standard Package

    PPF Light Package

    • Covers half hood.
    • Covers half fenders.
    • Covers mirrors.
    • Front bumper.


    From $1299

    Paint Protection Film Ultimate Package

    PPF Gold Package

    • Covers full hood.
    • Covers full fenders.
    • Covers mirrors.
    • Front bumper.
    • Headlights


    From $1799


    Paint protection film platinum package

    PPF Platinum Package

    • Covers full vehicle.


    From $4699


    Additional Options

    Baggage Rest

    PPF on baggage rest

    Rocker Covers

    Paint protection film on rocker covers

    Door sills (Pair)


    How long does it take to apply paint protection film?

    The installation procedure varies depending on the level of coverage. It might take anything from 2 to 5 days to complete the job. A 12-hour in-shop curing period is required. Although that may appear to be a lot, it's definitely worth it for long-term protection PPF provides. UV rays, pebbles kicked up by passing cars, and even bird droppings can harm your paint over time. PPF, on the other hand, allows you to have confidence in knowing that your automobile will look fantastic after years of use - as if you just bought it off the lot!

    Are there any special care instructions for paint protection film?

    You've made a good start in preserving your car's paint job if you've used paint protection film. But what happens next? What should you do if the paint protection film on your vehicle has to be replaced? Here are some pointers:-By regularly washing your car, you make it look great and also increase the film's lifespan. Be sure to use mild soap on the surface and stay away from cleaners or scrubbers that might damage it.-Every so often, check the film for any flaking or curling. If you see areas of concern, quickly rinse them with sudsy water and put the film back in place.-When possible, don't park your car in direct sunlight since this causes warping and bubbling ofthe film; not to mention, getting into a hot car is really unpleasant! Try parking under an awning or in a garage instead.If you follow these simple instructions, your paint protection film will keep looking new for years!

    What happens if the film gets scratched?

    If you're questioning what a scratch might do to your paint protection film and, as an indirect result, the paint on your car--don't be. The PPF is resistant to scratches and other sorts of light damage. Even if the film does get scratched, it won't affect your paint at all; worst case scenario you might see a change in the appearance of just the surface area of the film (such as appearing cloudy or hazy). Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear urethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from nicks, chips, and scratches. This film does not affect the car's performance in any way and if there are any scratches on the PPF itself, they can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or mild detergent-there's no need to replace the whole sheet. Car owners should consider buying PPF because it will keep their paint looking newer for longer.

    Can paint protection film be removed?

    If a ppf is not installed correctly, it can get scratched. If the ppf is installed too close to the edge of the paint, it can chip or scratch when the car is driven. Even a small scratch can change the color of the finish over time. Additionally, scratches can also make it difficult to remove the ppf when it's time to change it. A good rule of thumb is to have at least a quarter inch of ppf extending beyond the edge of the paint. This will help protect the paint from being chipped or scratched and make it easier to remove when it's time to change it.

    What kind of vehicles can use PPF?

    Car paint protection film can be used on a lot of different cars. People use it on luxury cars to protect the paint from scratches and other damage. But you can also use it on more affordable cars to help protect the paint from the weather.

    What areas of Vancouver do you serve?

    We provide paint protection film to Vancouver, Richmond and Lower Mainland clients.

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