Ceramic Coating

Protect your car with ceramic coating services in Surrey! Its super hydrophobic qualities protect against anything the elements can throw at it. UV resistance helps fight off fading and discolouration, while bonded nano-ceramic particles prevent rust, corrosion, stains and other things that could damage your vehicle.

Protection Film

Paint protection film gives your car's paint lasting level of protection against stone chips, rusting, weathering and other damage caused by Mother Nature. An advanced paint protection film helps prevent rock chips, so your paint stays fresh over time and prolongs the life of any existing factory coating.

Car Detailing

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and only use the most effective products available to give your car the best shine possible. Our Surrey auto detailing service is unmatched whether you want to add a coating or just get it detailed!

Car Polishing

GleamWorks Surrey detailing company offers professional car polishing by auto protection experts who care about our work quality. We use high-end auto detailing equipment and techniques to restore your car's shine, even if it has been neglected for a while.

Why Choose GleamWorks Detailing in Surrey

We know how important your vehicle is to you, which is why we do everything we can to keep it looking its best. Gleamworks Detailing in Surrey is the best place for you to get your car ceramic coated. Our team of experts will make sure your car gets the right coating every time, and we’ve built a reputation with our past customers for providing excellent service. We’re always updating our knowledge and keeping up to date with new developments in the auto detailing and paint correction industry.

At Gleamworks Detailing in Surrey, our team of auto detailing expert is well-versed in applying ceramic coatings on any make and model of vehicle. When you need high-quality ceramic coating in Surrey done by professionals who care about their work and provide accurate quote, see us at Gleamworks!

Book a free consultation appointment with our specialists. We’ll inspect your vehicle and make recommendations.

    What is Ceramic Coating?

    Ceramic coating is a protective barrier that goes on after your vehicle has been washed and polished. It provides long-lasting protection against UV rays, rust, corrosion, chemicals, scratches, and it’s hydrophobic. This means water will roll right off the surface so you can enjoy easier car washes with less chance of getting spots in the finish. Plus, it looks terrific because the some coatings fills in any minor swirls or scratches, so they aren’t visible anymore.

    What Ceramic Coating Options Do We Have

    A wide variety of ceramic coating options are available, but Gleamworks in Surrey offers only the best! We carry the ones that offer the best performance and durability and provide ceramic coating packages on our website. Your professional detailer at Gleamworks will explain the differences between each option so that you can make an informed decision before deciding which ceramic coating is best for your vehicle.

    • CQuartz Professional

    CQuartz Professional coats your vehicle with a polymer that contains ceramic nanoparticles. It’s great option I’d chemical protection is your main concern . If you want nothing but the best durable protection in Surrey on your car, this is what we recommend.

    • System X 

    Using nanotechnology, System X creates a durable protective layer that is harder than 9H on the Mohs hardness scale! It increases gloss while making it more resistant to chemicals and UV rays. This durable coating provides nothing but the best extra layer of protection so you can keep your vehicle looking new for years to come and factory-backed guarantee for up to lifetime.

    • REVIVIfy Self Heal Coating

    The nano-ceramic blend creates a layer 8 times stronger than what you currently have protecting your vehicle, so it’s harder for dirt and other objects to stick. Revivify coating is self-healing with elastic properties. This means that when it is scratched or has something dropped on it, the surface can repair itself easily with just a little time and warm water.

    • Graphene Coating

    The new technology of graphene is a unique blend of ceramic and polymers. This ensures protection from UV damage, corrosion, chemicals, and it’s highly resistant to scratching or cracking! The hydrophobic properties allow water to run right off the surface so you can enjoy easier car washes for longer periods between cleanings.


    • UV Resistance

    A ceramic coating is for you if you want to protect your vehicle and stop fading or discoloration. The main benefit of ceramic coating is that it provides permanent protection from UV rays in the glass coating. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can damage your paintwork, plastic trim and even fabric convertible roofs.

    • 9H Superior Hardness

    When you have a professional apply the clear coat to your car, it forms a layer 8 times stronger than regular paint! This means that it is more resistant to minor scratches and other damages caused by road debris, insects or any kind of abrasive chemical.

    • Eliminates Chemicals

    You’ll no longer need to use those harsh chemicals from manufacturers for cleaning your car because this clear coat repels water and increase its durability against chemicals from sticking to its surface.

    • Strong Durability

    The protective layer of the ceramic coating has a strong permanent bond and never wears off! This makes it easier to maintain your vehicle because you won’t have to worry about re-applying the car polish and wax as often.

    • Less Maintenance

    Aside from not having to deal with those harmful chemicals, you’ll also save time on maintenance thanks to the fantastic properties of ceramic coating. You no longer need to stress over fading paint or water spots because you couldn’t wash your car after it rained!

    • Permanent Protection

    This coating will protect your car’s paintwork, plastic trim and even fabric convertible roofs. It is sure to last for up to up to lifetime because of its amazing  strength!

    • Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant

    The ceramic coating is made of oxidation-resistant molecules that can withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, acid rain, wet sanding.

    • UV Protection

    Ceramic coating blocks 100% of UV rays that interfere with clear coats and paints, which can cause them to fade over time due to hot & sunny conditions.

    • Super Gloss

    The super gloss flawless finish will give your vehicle a beautiful shine while protecting it from any kind of damage caused by UV rays, chemicals or cleaning properties. 

    • Super Hydrophobic

    The superhydrophobic properties are the main reason why people opt for this protective layer because it keeps water off the surface. You will no longer have to worry about having a wet car when it rains because the ceramic coating ensures water beads right off.

    New Ceramic Glass Applications

    At GleamWorks, we are fully accredited installers. We can apply new ceramic glass coatings to any Vancouver vehicle. To start, our detailing teams hand wash vehicles and use chemical degreasers to remove dirt, oil, and road grime. Once your car bodywork is in pristine condition, we then dry paintwork using compressed air. If necessary, we will also attend to any required paint corrections.


      System X Diamond Super Slick


      Sedans, Roadsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Hatchbacks, and Micros


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.

      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
      • Made in USA premium coating endorsed by Boeing for meeting claimed properties. Super slick ultra gloss finish achieved through the multiple step 2-day process:
      • Car wash – removes road grime
      • Chemical decontamination – removes brake dust, tar, waxes, sealants, oxidation etc.
      • Cut polishing – removes light scratches and swirls
      • Finish polishing – enhance gloss and deepening the color
      • 2 layers of Diamond Super Slick applied on paint
      • 1 layer of Diamond Super Slick applied on chrome and plastic


      Additional options:


      • Wheels coating – $299
      • Glass coating – $299
      • Interior protection – $299/$399/$499 by size

      * Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

      CarPro CQuartz Professional


      Sedans, Roadsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Hatchbacks, and Micros


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.

      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond

      If car is your extension and you need something unique, choose CarPro! Most comprehensive full detailing, correcting and protecting packages – all in one. Delivered by professional detailers only at the very limited number of approved centres! Choosing CQuartz Professional package you get the most complete detailing and protection service including instruction on following car care and maintenance solutions enough for up to 2 years.


      Process needs 2 – 3 days to get the following steps done:


      •  All exterior and interior surfaces cleaned and decontaminated
      • Paint Correction for Added Depth, Light Swirl Removal
      • 1 layer of CarPro gloss enhancement primer applied to all painted surfaces
      • 2 layers of C.Quartz Professional – Applied to all Painted and Metal Surfaces including Wheels (front facing)
      • 1 layer of C.Quartz DLUX – Applied to all Exterior Plastic Surfaces
      • 1 layer of CarPro FlyBy Forte applied to all glass
      • 1 layer of Silica sealant to all surfaces
      • Maintenance Kit included
      • First complimentary car wash and introduction to safe car care


      Additional options:


      • Cquartz Interior $600/$700/$800 by size
      • Upholstery and Carpets Protected with CQuartz Fabric
      • Clean all Gauges, Knobs, Buttons, & Vents
      • Clean & UV Protect Vinyl/Plastic with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl
      • Clean & Protect Leather with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl

      * Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

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