Jeep Liberty after detailing

Jeep Liberty Interior and Exterior Detailing

Watch this car detailing before and after video. The owner of this Jeep Liberty had recently returned from a road trip that included a lot of driving on gravel back roads. Though road trips are a lot of fun, they also make a vehicle dirty – inside and out!

Why Your Vehicle Needs Detailing

Car owners sometimes consider detailing a “nice to have” frill, but, detailing is a necessary part of car care. It extends the life of exterior paint and interior upholstery, and, can dramatically increase the resale value of your vehicle.┬áDon’t let dirt, grime, gravel, sand, bird dropping, oil, tree sap, and water spots, scratch, etch and fade vehicle paint and slowly ruin interior upholstery.

Before & After Detailing Video

What Gleamworks Did

  • Touchless hand car wash.
  • Quick ceramic coating.
  • Engine compartment detailing and protective coating of compartment plastic and metal.
  • Interior upholstery and carpeting vacuuming.
  • Interior upholstery cleaning. In this case, the leather upholstery was cleaned with special leather cleaners and treated with polymers to protect leather from cracking, staining and wear.
  • Rim cleaning and coating.
  • Glass polishing.

This vehicle will come in for a second detailing to cut polish and finish polish the exterior.

If you are looking for signature car detailing in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, or Surrey, contact Gleamworks.


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