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Fall & Winter Protection Package

Safeguard your vehicle's exterior and interior from Vancouver's wet fall and winter. Our economical protection package provides 2-season protection.

Recent Opti-Coat Installation

A Vancouver Audi owner brought us his baby for Opti-Coat Pro installation. The results are pretty amazing! Super-hard, super glossy, super paint protection with a warranty!

Opti-Coat and Detailing Blog

Is Opti Coat worth it? It's a question we frequently read online and are asked.  If you are wondering if Opti Coat Pro is worth it, there are other questions that need to be answered first. Although we at Gleamworks – a Vancouver BC ceramic coating shop - have a vested interested in saying that Opti-Coat is worth the cost, we have also tried other ceramic coating products and to our experienced eyes and hands, Opti-Coat is a clear winner. Many of our Vancouver and Richmond ceramic coating customers have tried other products only to find themselves in our shop within a year. To them, and us, Opti-Coat provides better, longer lasting paint protection and aesthetic results.

Watch this car detailing before and after video. The owner of this Jeep Liberty had recently returned from a road trip that included a lot of driving on gravel back roads. Though road trips are a lot of fun, they also make a vehicle dirty - inside and out! Why Your...

Check out our recent Opti-Coat installation on an Audi. Like most vehicles, the car's surface had swirl marks from improper cleaning and polishing, scratches and etching (discolouration and paint erosion) left by bird droppings and the harsh chemicals contained in road grease and grime. Why the owner wanted to install Opti-Coat After...