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Fall & Winter Protection Package

Safeguard your vehicle's exterior and interior from Vancouver's wet fall and winter. Our economical protection package provides 2-season protection.

Recent Opti-Coat Installation

A Vancouver Audi owner brought us his baby for Opti-Coat Pro installation. The results are pretty amazing! Super-hard, super glossy, super paint protection with a warranty!

Fall & Winter Protection Package. From $299.

Safeguard your vehicle paint against Vancouver’s wet fall and winter. Gleamworks fall and winter package protects your vehicle’s paint from hard water spots, road grime and chemicals, salt, sand, snow, bug spatter and bird messes.

Book a Fall & Winter Protection Package

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Fall & Winter Protection Package. From Just $299!

Our economical fall and winter protection package includes both exterior and interior protection.

Exterior protection

Touchless car wash.

Chemical decontamination.

Engine compartment cleaning and protectant application.

Tires and wheels cleaned and dressed.

Hyper Seal exterior paint protection. Hyper Seal results in a super slick surface that prevents contaminants from bonding to paint and allows for easy cleaning for the whole season. You can also choose permanent protection for up to 7 years, call for more details.

Interior protection

Full interior detailing.

Door seals and rubber detailed and dressed with conditioner to prevent drying, cracking and discolouration.

Trim, plastics, laminates, dashboard and consoles cleaned and dressed with polymer protectant.

Fabric and leather upholstery cleaned and protected with stain guard.

The protection package will last the entire fall and winter seasons. Optionally, you may add a 5 or 7-year warranty package. Contact us for more details.

Winterizing Extends the Life of Vehicle Paint and Interiors

Effects of Fall & Winter on Vehicle Paint

Rain, sleet and snow can leave nearly indelible hard water deposits on paint. Road oils, dirt, salt, sand and grime splatter onto the vehicle’s surface, causing acid etching and scratches. Left unchecked, these contaminants will damage paint. When you wash your car, it’s like rubbing your paint job with sand paper: particles of grime leave minute scratches and swirl marks. Gleamworks fall and winter protection package will help prevent this environmental damage and make your car look newer for longer!

Effects of Fall & Winter on Vehicle Interiors

Vehicle interiors suffer similar deterioration in fall and winter. Dirt, oil, grime, water, snow and wet leaves do damage. Abrasive debris, hard water, oils, sand, salt and other road contaminants stain and wear away fabric and leather upholstery and carpeting. Plastics, vinyl and wood laminates also take a beating. Our fall and winter package protects upholstery, carpeting and plastics. Once treated, they become resistant to the damaging effects of fall and winter weather.