Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating creates a protective layer, and seamless match with your car's finish. It offers lightweight durability and a smooth surface, as well as lasting protection from ultraviolet damage, acid rain, bird droppings and atmospheric fallout.

Protection Film

The advanced paint protection film is the finest solution for vehicle protection because it has a longer lifespan. We offer low-cost film installations that can last up to five years before requiring another application, depending on how often your car is washed automatically.

Car Detailing

Detailing your automobile is the most effective approach for customers who want their car to seem brand new off the lot. Our interior detailing package includes shampoos, vacuum, conditioning leather seats, clean ventilation and much more.

Car Polishing

If you want your car to gleam, give it a complete polishing procedure before applying any wax. This procedure also removes any unsightly scratches, ensuring that your vehicle has the same smooth finish as it did when it was new.

Why Choose GleamWorks Detailing in Westminster

Gleamworks Detailing in New Westminster is committed to providing the quality services to its clients by adhering to a strict standard of professionalism and expertise. Ceramic coatings are becoming popular today because of their many benefits over traditional car waxes. Gleamworks Detailing in New Westminster offers four different ceramic coating options, such as REVIVIfy Self Heal Coatingl, System X, Graphene and Cquartz Professional. Take a look at our ceramic coating packages to ensure that our ceramic coatings are the right fit for your vehicle.

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    What is Ceramic Coating?

    It is a protective sealant that forms on the surface of a vehicle’s paint and can strengthen underlying layers of paint by filling in surface irregularities, repairing defects in the paint and providing the highest layer of protection. Ceramic vehicle coating essentially prevents any elements from settling in the paint and causing stains even after a single application.

    What Ceramic Coating Options Do We Have

    • REVIVIfy Self Heal Coating

    This durable coating has a unique formula that regenerates itself. This means, if you get an accidental scratch or scuff on your vehicle’s paint, it will self heal and disappear over time. The time it takes for these scratches to self-heal depends on how deep and severe the scratch is.

    • System X 

    System X is a high-gloss ceramic coating that offers an ultra-hydrophobic shield. There are no waxes or fillers in System X, which means your car’s paint remains untouched and colour accuracy throughout the product’s life.

    • Graphene 

    Graphene is a revolutionary new product because it provides the most hydrophobic surface on the market. This premium coating outperforms all other products in superhydrophobicity, colour accuracy, coverage area, durability and appearance.

    • CQuartz Professional 

    This is the most durable ceramic coating in Canada. The Cquartz Professional product line only uses nano-tech pure quartz that has extremely low surface tension, allowing it to bond to your paint perfectly without any risk of flaking or peeling off.


    Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant

    A ceramic car coating provides additional protection against oxidation and corrosion for your vehicle’s paint job. The ceramic coatings protect against bird droppings, bug splatters, and other harsh chemicals that may contact your car.

    Eliminates Chemicals

    The ceramic coating is a pure quartz product, meaning its chemical bond eliminates the need for you to use wax on your car, no more using harsh wheel cleaners or bug removers since a dense nano-tech quartz epoxy covers your vehicle’s paint job and wheels.

    9H Superior Hardness

    The product’s hardness is 9H, which means it has a similar hardness to glass. This prevents any damage from occurring on your car’s paint job. It also makes the auto coating highly durable for up to five years, preventing yellowing and water spots.

    UV Protection

    The coating also protects your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Stronger protection from the sun will help prevent any damage or fading of your paint job, especially if you park your vehicle outside often.

    Strong Durability 

    A ceramic coating is known for its strength and durability. It can withstand anything your car goes through throughout the day, protecting against minor scratches, water spots, acid rain, swirl marks, bug splatters, bird droppings, or any other contaminants that come into contact with your vehicle.

    Less Maintenance

    When you have a protective coating applied, it reduces the amount of maintenance needed for your car. Since the coating is strong and durable, you can minimize washing time significantly since nothing will be sticking to the surface.

    UV Resistance

    The ceramic coating is resistant to UV rays and adds protection against the sun. This will help prevent fading on your vehicle’s paint job over time, because of sunny conditions. 

    Permanent Protection

    The ceramic coating is a permanent product that will not wash off, chip away or flake. This means the only maintenance you’ll need to do for your car’s exterior is washing and waxing since nothing can stick or damage your paint job.

    Super Hydrophobic 

    The ceramic coating offers a super hydrophobic property, which means it repels water and reduces the risk of water spots. The quartz acts as a shield against water outside your vehicle, creating a beautiful gloss barrier between any contaminants and your car’s exterior paint job.

    Super Gloss

    The coating also offers extreme gloss shine, meaning it will improve your car’s appearance. The highly reflective surface from the exterior coating makes any paint job look better, creating a sheen that most waxes or sealants do not see.

    New Ceramic Glass Applications

    At GleamWorks, we are fully accredited installers. We can apply new ceramic glass coatings to any Vancouver vehicle. To start, our detailing teams hand wash vehicles and use chemical degreasers to remove dirt, oil, and road grime. Once your car bodywork is in pristine condition, we then dry paintwork using compressed air. If necessary, we will also attend to any required paint corrections.


      System X Diamond Super Slick


      Sedans, Roadsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Hatchbacks, and Micros


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.

      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
      • Made in USA premium coating endorsed by Boeing for meeting claimed properties. Super slick ultra gloss finish achieved through the multiple step 2-day process:
      • Car wash – removes road grime
      • Chemical decontamination – removes brake dust, tar, waxes, sealants, oxidation etc.
      • Cut polishing – removes light scratches and swirls
      • Finish polishing – enhance gloss and deepening the color
      • 2 layers of Diamond Super Slick applied on paint
      • 1 layer of Diamond Super Slick applied on chrome and plastic


      Additional options:


      • Wheels coating – $299
      • Glass coating – $299
      • Interior protection – $299/$399/$499 by size

      * Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

      CarPro CQuartz Professional


      Sedans, Roadsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Hatchbacks, and Micros


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.

      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond

      If car is your extension and you need something unique, choose CarPro! Most comprehensive full detailing, correcting and protecting packages – all in one. Delivered by professional detailers only at the very limited number of approved centres! Choosing CQuartz Professional package you get the most complete detailing and protection service including instruction on following car care and maintenance solutions enough for up to 2 years.


      Process needs 2 – 3 days to get the following steps done:


      •  All exterior and interior surfaces cleaned and decontaminated
      • Paint Correction for Added Depth, Light Swirl Removal
      • 1 layer of CarPro gloss enhancement primer applied to all painted surfaces
      • 2 layers of C.Quartz Professional – Applied to all Painted and Metal Surfaces including Wheels (front facing)
      • 1 layer of C.Quartz DLUX – Applied to all Exterior Plastic Surfaces
      • 1 layer of CarPro FlyBy Forte applied to all glass
      • 1 layer of Silica sealant to all surfaces
      • Maintenance Kit included
      • First complimentary car wash and introduction to safe car care


      Additional options:


      • Cquartz Interior $600/$700/$800 by size
      • Upholstery and Carpets Protected with CQuartz Fabric
      • Clean all Gauges, Knobs, Buttons, & Vents
      • Clean & UV Protect Vinyl/Plastic with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl
      • Clean & Protect Leather with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl

      * Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

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