Ceramic Coating

This is the best way to protect your car against dirt, dust, chemicals and other contaminants. A ceramic coating will create a strong barrier between the paint on your vehicle and these elements, so you won't have to worry about them harming it.

Protection Film

The paint protection film is the most long-lasting method to preserve your automobile because it has a longer lifespan. We may put a window film or any exterior protection film on before or after the ceramic coating, depending on how frequently your car is automatically washed. The film is also good for preventing rock chips and other forms of damage to your vehicle.

Car Detailing

Cleaning your automobile inside and out is a great way of creating a long-lasting protective barrier for the paint correction job. This process will remove any dirt, soap, grease or other debris so your car's exterior can stay in top condition for an extended period. Call Gleamworks today to get an accurate quote.

Car Polishing

Car polishing will make your automobile look new again. A polish can help restore a glossy coat to your vehicle and remove oxidation, swirl marks and other damage caused by the sun and natural wear on parts. This method of detailing is good for newer cars that have not been exposed to the elements and pollutants that may scratch or dull the paint job.

Why Choose GleamWorks Detailing in Pitt Meadows

Would you like to get a shiny new look on your car? Has it looked better than the day you purchased it new from the dealer? It must’ve been done at GleamWorks Detailing ceramic coating installers in Pitt Meadows. That’s right. Gleamworks Detailing in Pitt Meadows is one of the best choices for you and your vehicle to become all set with a ceramic coating. We offer ceramic coatings that not only protect your car but also give it a new life with the shine and gloss of ceramic coating. 

Book a free consultation appointment with our specialists. We’ll inspect your vehicle and make recommendations.

    What is Ceramic Coating?

    A ceramic vehicle coating is clear, nano-ceramic protection that bonds directly to the exterior surface. The unique bond created with ceramic coating prevents any damage from taking place. It also creates a highly hydrophobic layer that repels water, oil, UV rays and protects surfaces against dirt and contaminants. When you choose GleamWorks Detailing for ceramic coating Pitt Meadows, you are also choosing not just a regular protection for your car but amazing customer experience and affordable pricing. 

    What Ceramic Coating Options Do We Have

    • Graphene 

    Graphene ceramic protection is the combination of nanoparticles and graphene oxide molecules is the first of its kind, resulting in one of the most technologically advanced ceramic coatings. This product is ultra scratch and mar resistant, simple to maintain, and does not require any upkeep.

    REVIVIfy is an auto coating made with hydrolyzed self-healing particles that return to their original state after being scratched. This revolutionary product is completely invisible, UV resistant, scratch-resistant and contains no metallic particles.

    • System X 

    System X is a nano-ceramic coating that is far more durable than conventional waxes or paint sealants. System x provides an extremely high amount of gloss, hydrophobic effect and durability for two years.

    • CQuartz Professional 

    CQuartz Professional is a nano-ceramic formula that offers extreme resistance to many elements. A hard-wearing, chemical-resistant coating forms an invisible barrier between your paint and the outside world.


    Strong Durability 

    Ceramic coatings provide a super-slick surface that becomes a permanent part of the vehicle. This hard, scratch-resistant finish repels dirt and moisture from damaging your paint.

    Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant

    As your vehicle’s paint oxidizes (or turns dull), it can rust underneath. A top-quality ceramic coating preserves and protects the look of your car by repelling water, salt spray, brake dust, dirt, bugs or any other contaminants that come into contact with it.

    Eliminates Chemicals

    Because of the car’s hard surface, it’s challenging to get chemicals like tar, sap, and tree sap on it. The paint will remain cleaner for longer, and you’ll be less inclined to buff and polish the surface as frequently. This saves time and money in terms of cleaning supplies and equipment.

    UV Protection

    The ceramic coating extends the life of your vehicle’s paint by increasing its resistance to the sun’s harsh UV rays. The added protection from the sun will help to prevent any paint damage or fading, especially if you drive your car often outside.

    Less Maintenance

    Ceramic coatings are supposed only to require the occasional touch-up every few years, saving you time and money on expensive cleaning properties. There is no need to regularly drive your car through a car wash or apply waxes, polishes or sealants for maintenance.

    UV Resistance

    The ceramic coating process will improve the durability of your paint job. For cars that have undergone the ceramic coating technique, exposure to the sun, pesticides, and other harsh elements that can harm or fade your paint will not be an issue.

    Super Hydrophobic 

    The ceramic contains highly hydrophobic properties, preventing water spots and repelling water. It prevents dust from polluting your automobile’s exterior by forming a barrier between it and the paint on the outside of your vehicle.

    Super Glossy

    The ceramic coating enhances the shine of your paint job. The added glossiness will give you peace of mind knowing that your automobile’s paint is protected from scratches and dirt. You’ll notice a mirror finish on your vehicle when it has been treated with the coating.

    9H Superior Hardness

    The protective coating offers unparalleled durability in terms of hardness. Your paint job will be protected from the elements by a semi-permanent, thin layer that forms over your car’s exterior. It can’t wear or peel away because it is treated with 9H superior hardness, which is harder than steel, making it one of the most durable coatings available on the market.

    Permanent Protection

    The nano-ceramic particles used during the coating process create a permanent seal. Once these ceramic layers bond with your original paintwork, there’s no going back. 

    New Ceramic Glass Applications

    At GleamWorks, we are fully accredited installers. We can apply new ceramic glass coatings to any Vancouver vehicle. To start, our detailing teams hand wash vehicles and use chemical degreasers to remove dirt, oil, and road grime. Once your car bodywork is in pristine condition, we then dry paintwork using compressed air. If necessary, we will also attend to any required paint corrections.


      System X Diamond Super Slick


      Sedans, Roadsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Hatchbacks, and Micros


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.

      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
      • Made in USA premium coating endorsed by Boeing for meeting claimed properties. Super slick ultra gloss finish achieved through the multiple step 2-day process:
      • Car wash – removes road grime
      • Chemical decontamination – removes brake dust, tar, waxes, sealants, oxidation etc.
      • Cut polishing – removes light scratches and swirls
      • Finish polishing – enhance gloss and deepening the color
      • 2 layers of Diamond Super Slick applied on paint
      • 1 layer of Diamond Super Slick applied on chrome and plastic


      Additional options:


      • Wheels coating – $299
      • Glass coating – $299
      • Interior protection – $299/$399/$499 by size

      * Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

      CarPro CQuartz Professional


      Sedans, Roadsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Hatchbacks, and Micros


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.


      Compact SUVs, Crossovers etc.

      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond

      If car is your extension and you need something unique, choose CarPro! Most comprehensive full detailing, correcting and protecting packages – all in one. Delivered by professional detailers only at the very limited number of approved centres! Choosing CQuartz Professional package you get the most complete detailing and protection service including instruction on following car care and maintenance solutions enough for up to 2 years.


      Process needs 2 – 3 days to get the following steps done:


      •  All exterior and interior surfaces cleaned and decontaminated
      • Paint Correction for Added Depth, Light Swirl Removal
      • 1 layer of CarPro gloss enhancement primer applied to all painted surfaces
      • 2 layers of C.Quartz Professional – Applied to all Painted and Metal Surfaces including Wheels (front facing)
      • 1 layer of C.Quartz DLUX – Applied to all Exterior Plastic Surfaces
      • 1 layer of CarPro FlyBy Forte applied to all glass
      • 1 layer of Silica sealant to all surfaces
      • Maintenance Kit included
      • First complimentary car wash and introduction to safe car care


      Additional options:


      • Cquartz Interior $600/$700/$800 by size
      • Upholstery and Carpets Protected with CQuartz Fabric
      • Clean all Gauges, Knobs, Buttons, & Vents
      • Clean & UV Protect Vinyl/Plastic with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl
      • Clean & Protect Leather with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl

      * Official warranty and eligible for ICBC claims for reapplication if car accidents occur.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

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