Ceramic Coating

Our advanced ceramic coating provides superior and long-lasting protection to your car while maintaining its glow.

Protection Film

Keep the most susceptible parts of your car safe by applying Gleamworks Paint Protection Film (PPF) on exposed surfaces or all the exterior parts of your car.

Car Detailing

Keep your car clean and maintain its value by utilizing our interior and exterior detailing services.

Car Polishing

This involves the removal of the dull micro-layer and the polishing of the underlying layer to keep your car looking new and shiny.

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When you spend a fortune to buy a new car, the least you expect is that it will retain its shine for the first few years. However, the factory paint and clear coat applied during the manufacturing process can start fading faster than anticipated. This is where our Diamond Ceramic Coating saves the day by providing you with a means to preserve your car’s paint and protect the exterior surface against damage.

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    What is a Ceramic Coating?

    Ceramic coating is a layer of protection applied on the exterior of your car to protect the exterior surface and maintain the paint’s shine.

    During the manufacturing process, a clear coat is usually applied on vehicles to increase depth, protect the paint, and to add shine. This coat, however, wears off over time, leaving the paint exposed which causes it to fade. The application of our Ceramic Coating solves this problem by creating a permanent protective shield and retaining your car’s shine.

    • System X Ceramic Coating provides a paint protection guard for a lifetime
    • Ceramic coatings are applied on the cars’ surface using hands
    • System X is a liquid polymer which chemically bonds on the car’s factory paint

    Why System X Diamond Ceramic Coating?

    The System X Coating is manufactured by Element 119. This was among the first laboratories to acquire and utilize the SiO2 technology to innovate and advance ceramic paint protection technology.

    System X has been in the market for 12 years. Throughout these years, System X has undergone rigorous testing to prove that it provides unsurpassed paint protection by Boeing, SGS, and other independent companies.

    System X is designed to provide a superior paint protection coating and maintain your paint’s glow.

    System X Nano-ceramic Coating Benefits

    • System X Nano-ceramic Coating forms a permanent paint protection shield excluding the need for recurrent applications
    • System X has a Nano-ceramic technology capable of repelling stains, dirt and, water which makes cleaning easier
    • The coating retains the paint’s gleam even when exposed to acidic rain or UV radiation
    • It minimizes maintenance which saves you money and time
    • System X Nano-ceramic coating protects the exterior surface of your car from scratches, UV radiation, stains, oxidation, and other harmful elements for many years

    New Ceramic Glass Coating Applications

    At GleamWorks, we are fully accredited installers. We can apply new ceramic glass coatings to any Vancouver vehicle. To start, our detailing teams hand wash vehicles and use chemical degreasers to remove dirt, oil, and road grime. Once your car bodywork is in pristine condition, we then dry paintwork using compressed air. If necessary, we will also attend to any required paint corrections.

      Ceramic Coating Gallery

      Check out the photos of the vehicles we’ve treated using System X Nano-ceramic Coating at Gleamworks Detailing in Burnaby. Take a look at the mirror-like finish the ceramic coating gives the cars’ that we’ve worked on.

      System X Nano-Ceramic Coating Application and Curing

      • Before the application of a ceramic coating, our team washes your car, decontaminates it, and polishes it using a paint preparation solution. The solution prepares the external surface to bond perfectly with the ceramic coating.
      • The Diamond Nano-Ceramic Coating is then uniformly applied on the paintwork
      • The coating is allowed to cure for several days

      Note that;

      • It takes approximately 30 days for ceramic coating to cure completely
      • Within the first 24hrs after application, the ceramic coating develops resistance to water and pH-neutral fluids
      • The ceramic coating can resist chemicals three days after its application

      Schedule your System X Nano-Ceramic installation in Burnaby today and experience the joy of having a paint protective shield. Don’t wait for your paint to start fading.

      Car Detailing & Polishing Gallery

      Visit our portfolio and have a look at our latest detailing and polishing projects.

      The Gleamworks hand detailing aims at keeping your car’s exterior and interior surfaces looking perfect. We believe that hand detailing maintains and extends the life of your car’s components, including the paint.

      System X Pricing

      System X Crystal System X Pro System X Diamond
      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
      System X Crystal System X Pro System X Diamond
      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
      System X Crystal System X Pro System X Diamond
      Opti-Coat Vancouver and Richmond
        About the ceramic coating product
      About the ceramic coating

      3 years warranty

      One-step ceramic coating that is harder than a factory finish. Protects against bird messes, acid etching. Resists common wear paint damage from cleaning and the environment. Glossy finish.

      6 years warranty

      Permanently bonds to and hardens factory clear coat. Better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance and a slick, gloss finish. 9H hardness. Also protects metal and plastic.

      Lifetime warranty

      Adds best resistance to water spotting, scratching, acid etching, fading. Superior, mirror-like, finish.

      Warranty 3 years 6 years Lifetime
        Metal and plastic coating
      Metal and plastic coating $299 extra
        Glass coating (2 years)
      Glass coating (2 years) $299 extra $299 extra $299 extra
        Rims + Callipers coating
      Rims + Callipers coating

      Rims detailing and coating packageIncludes: rim removal, deep cleaning and ceramic pro application.

      $399 extra $399 extra $399 extra
        Tire coating (6 months)
      Tire coating (6 months) $99 extra $99 extra $99 extra
        Chemical decontamination
      Chemical decontamination

      Chemical decontaminationClay towel chemical decontamination.

        Fine polishing (adds gloss)
      Fine polishing (adds gloss)
        Cut polishing (removes swirl marks)
      Cut polishing (removes swirl marks) Additional charge Additional charge
        Full paint correction (removes scratches)
      Full paint correction (removes scratches) Additional charge Additional charge Additional charge
        Approximate application time
      Approximate application time 1 day 1-2 days 2-3 days

      * The official warranty information supersedes the "Durability" estimates in our pricing table . View the official System X warranty for detailed information.

      ** Vehicles must be clean prior to service. Car wash is an additional $50.
      *** Prices listed are rough estimates. Please book a free assessment for an accurate estimate.

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