November 2018

In this post, we discuss when not to do paint correction. What's that you say? A paint correction shop recommending against paint correction? That's right! It's not for everyone and in some circumstances shouldn't be done at all. Many vehicle owners want to keep their second most valuable investment (after the house or condo) looking as good as new. Vehicle enthusiasts may spend hours waxing, washing, cleaning and detailing to get the pristine, gleaming “look” they desire. It becomes addictive! The downside of chasing the vehicle perfection dragon is that it can have a cost – to your vehicle’s protective clear coat and your wallet. A perfect example of this is paint correction.
Many Vancouver motorists neglect their vehicles’ paint coat in fall and winter. Their thinking is probably something like this: “Why do it? It’s always raining, which washes off most of the road dust, so who cares if my car looks perfect in Vancouver’s rainy and snowy fall and winter?” Actually, the reality is quite the opposite. Fall in British Columbia is the perfect time to get a professional paint protection (ceramic coating) for your investment, and, that’s exactly what your vehicle is…an investment. Here is why fall and winter is the best time for paint protection for Vancouver motorists.